fat tire bike

  1. ketelesebike

    The experience of using Keteles brand electric bicycles and cooperation discussion

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0D4VS2MPC?th=1Hello everyone, has anyone purchased and used the electric bike of the keteles brand? How does it feel? We are going to talk to them about cooperation and want to understand their user feedback.Found one of their Amazon websites, but there were no...
  2. B

    Help deciding between Sondors Fold XS and E-Lux Sierra GT for first folding fat tire E-Bike

    I am looking at buying my first fat tire small folding e-bike. So far, I have narrowed it down to two choices. Sondors Fold XS and E-Lux Sierra GT. I like that the Sondors model has a better motor, brakes, metal chain guide, plus looks clean with the wires hidden in the frame. However, I like...
  3. Lenny

    Fat Tire EBikes?

    As many of you may have noticed lately... There are more and more Fat Tire bikes out there. So what makes them so special? Here is a great video that talks about just some of the many Benefits of a Fat Tire E-Bikes.
  4. jkchang82

    New to EBR, waiting on ebike (anyone from NYC?)

    Hey all - Just wanted to stop by and say hello. My name is Jason and I'm a newcomer to this world. I've seen ebikes but just recently consider buying one after seeing all the Super 73 promos. I did not get one of those though since I'm in NYC and there's no way I'll be able to lock that up and...
  5. Hap

    Why not buy a RadRover ? Upright position is vital.

    I am selling my gravity fat tire bike today and am looking into getting very soon a Fat E-Bike. I am old (62) and short 5'8. I live in the outback of Michigan and have zero bike shops around here. So I am doing my deciding with online help and advice from the people who know about E-bikes. I...
  6. vincent713

    Big Cat Fat Cat XL 48v

    Hello all, Does anyone own the Fat Cat XL with 48v lithium battery? I love the custom rear rack and low step thru frame. I also like the placement of the 48v battery and controller. The price is great too, free shipping! (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  7. Kaldeem

    Please delete this.

    Nothing to see here.
  8. Kaldeem

    BBSHD:Review by Electric Fat-bike

    Personally, I'm not letting this review dis-hearten me from my order. Simply from reading these forums and watching videos, all the issues listed below are expected. Personally, I don't plan on using my Fat tire bike on singletrack trails or anything hardcore. I'm using it for commuting in the...
  9. Ed Rosa

    Ebike & trails

    Hi , I'm new here and to the ebike world . Just bought my fat ebike and I'm loving every minute of it . I went twice to the trails but didn't have any "purist" encounter , was wondering if people out there are getting some kind of issues with regulars mtb'ers .