AXS mullet road/gravel: specialised turbo creo evo or what else?


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United Kingdom
I want an e-road bike suitable for "very light gravel" and short-haul touring. I'm 52, 97kg, 6ft 0, fit, but due to back injury a few years my left leg nerves sometimes can refuse to fire part way through a ride, so looking for get-you-home assist with minimal weight gain on the bike over non-E. Relaxed riding posture, raised stem, due to that aforementioned back injury. definitely not a racers aero posture!
I don't need close ratio gearing as I do not ride groups, almost always solo, but I do need proper low end (below 0.8 to 1, Front to Rear ) and high range (~500%) as I want to be able to ride up hills with legs doing most of the work, and I only have the power for 4mph on a 12% grade (which I tackle regularly). and I don't feel the need to be able to pedal faster than 30mph at the other end. so 1x12 11-50 or 10-52, with a 40T ring.
currently road ride is a specialized tricross from 2014, with lowered gearing and a raised stem, but I don't go too far from home in it. want to get an E-road, so I have that get me home capacity.
I also ride a full-suss E-MTB with bosch CX , so I know what full power and heavy "have to rely on the motor" feels like, and I don't want that for this use-case. It needs to feel as much like a light non-motorised bike as possible.
best way to meet my gearing needs is AXS road shifters with an AXS Eagle 1x12 "mullet" drivetrain. Current favourite is Specialised Turbo Creo Evo, S-works or Expert, as that comes with the road AXS + Eagle mullet setup as stock.

anyway the question: anyone know what brands other than Spoecialised do an e-road / road-oriented-e-gravel, carbon frame, lightweight mid-drive, and AXS mullet 1x12 drivetrain, as stock? Anything with a stem/bar setup that doesn't allow "standard" stems to be used is disqualified, as I will always need a higher rise than stock.

I'm in the UK.