Another "need advice" post


I want to build an ebike for casual use not commuting. I live in Fl so I have no hills to climb. I am trying to decide between a bbso2 750 or a Mac rear wheel hub drive. The price after considering addons is similar. I like the way the 8Fun looks on a bike and think that may be the way to go. I would like to go up to 30mph on occasion but most of the time I would probably be 20-25mph. Is the 8Fun a good choice and if so are there any good prices right now? Also, I would likely choose a 48v 12 or 15 ah battery, one that could fit on the down tube. Finally, since I currently do not have a bike (stolen out of my garage) I wonder if anyone has a suggestion. I was thinking getting something from BD like the Motobecane Elite.
I have a Mac on an Elite. The newer rear Mac is around 1200 watts and you can get a speed winding from EM3ev. Best if you don't have any serious hills. The BBS02 could be configured for a speed chainring. You can find a restrained discussion of the chainrings here.

Everything DIY seems to run on 48 volts. The big batteries give decent range, much less at higher speeds. The pedal assist is something you need to add for a Mac, included with the Bafang. The throttle/cruise control work OK on the Mac. Cruise locks in the speed so you don't use the throttle.

For any speed in the 20's I would want solid disk brakes and a reasonable front suspension.
George S. do you like the Elite, I was also thinking of the model with the disc brakes. I looked at the units from em3ev and they really appear to be good quality. There are so many variables. rear drive more complicated if you need to change a tire. Although it seems to me that is nothing more than ordinary after you disconnect some wires. The gearing with the 8Fun is kind of nice, but the free wheel with the Mac is also nice. See my delima? First thing is the bike I suppose.
I am not having any luck finding a decent used bike on Craigslist or at my lbs so I may need to purchase one new. I am looking for some of your opinions and suggestions.
Is there an advantage to getting a mtn bike over a hybrid? I am leaning toward the mtn bike with a 16" frame. I was thinking of getting a bike without disc brakes and putting them on later but I am finding a lot of entry level bikes don't have the tabs. Are V brakes with upgraded pads as good as cheap disc brakes? I was looking at the Motobecme bikes, specifically this one with Tektro Novela disc brakes.
I could also get a Trek 820 at my lbs for a little more money but it does not have disk brakes nor does it appear to have the tabs to put them on.
Most if not all of my riding is casual and on paved streets and trails. My plan is to get a bbso2.
Well, after asking what is probably too many questions I finally placed my orders. I ended up getting a Motobecane Elite Adventure and the BBS02 750 with the Shark 52v 13.5ah and charger. I opted for the 48t chainring and I hope this is not too large. Since I have no hills to climb I am only concerned about insufficient torque when starting from a dead stop. I don't want to put too much strain on the motor and controller. I did get the Luna tool but a local bike repair place can pull the cranks and the bb for $15. I suppose I could order them they are certainly cheap enough. Should have everything early next week.