Advice on the best &N Longest Leisure e-bike rides in Texas State Parks or private Texas RV Parks


With the price of Gas (Thanks Dems) I would like to Please get some advice if anyone knows some Good Texas State
Parks or even Private RV Parks where my wife and I can Leisurely ride our e-bikes on some pretty trails, the more trails,
and the Longer the better, preferable beside a river or lake, possibly around the Lake Buchanan area? Thanks
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When I drove OST (Old Spanish Trail) in 2012 it was pretty deserted. San Antonio to Nachadoces. Times change but there are better ways to get from SA to Na in a 70 mph motor vehicle.
TV program showed some fun places to go. He rode MTB's around Big Bend Nat Park on a couple of episodes. There is also a Big Bend state park.