Accessories for Fat Bear Plus/Pro


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I have two FB Plus bikes on pre-order for the wife and myself that will hopefully, be arriving in the next month. I am wondering about stock seat comfort as well as any racks, fenders and phone holders that have been purchased and owners thoughts on these accessories. Your recommendations on other accessories are welcome.
Thanks for your input ...
OK, cancelled the 2 Fat Bear Plus units and ordered 2 of the new Rattan Fat Tire models that are being offered on Indiegogo . I'll be getting the Rattan XL (me 6'5") and the Rattan X (wife 5'9") models. They are very nicely priced and have actual Rattan Accessories available with the preorder at very nice discounts. I ordered the Suspension Combo upgrade ($89) that makes them equivalent to the Fat Bear Plus and also the Accessory Combo ($99) that includes Front and Rear Fenders, a Storage Rack and a Back Light. They also have a TEKTRO disc brake upgrade, higher capacity battery (17.5AH), 3A Fast Charger and extra Tire Set options. Pretty cool bike at a great price! With the claimed performance and cool extras at very low prices it's a no brainer IMO.
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I bought a cloud 9 seat on Amazon. Works great. I got a free set of fenders for the bike from Rattan but have not bothered to put them on as we don’t ride in the water. I did buy a small handlebar bag from amazon that had a clear phone compartment on the top. Works great to store things for the ride and access my phone from the top of it. Even stays on when folding the handle bars. I bought a small extension to mount a better headlight on for the bike as well.