About to buy Biktrix Stunner LT 7 24" tires

I'm 75, not quite as spry as at 70, looking for a dependable off-road fat tire bike. The Biktrix Stunner LT 7 with 24" tires looks promising but am finding no one who's posted any reviews about it. It's semi step-through (not as low as some) and looks like it'll climb hills. I'm wondering if any one out there has had experience riding one, or has an opinion about Biktrix in general. I've read some mixed reviews on Biktrix here on EBR, so I'm a bit hesitant. Anyone (who doesn't feel $2,000 is a huge compromise in quality) care to chime in? Thanks!.

I should mention I've been riding a Lectric XP with 20" tires for the last 2+ years, I like it a lot but want something a bit bigger and hill worthy.
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I'll let you know about my Juggernaut Ultra Duo 4 step thru bike,
with Dual battery's and I saved over $1750, when I matched this bike against my Wart Hog MD 750 for spec's, which I have had for over 2 yrs.
The new Jugg 4 seems to be a more responsive bike than my WH, it is about 20#'s lighter than the WH, but I don't have it set up like the WH yet. Since I have only 12 miles on it, very bad weather/windy, as to be expected......Lol.

My first love is riding cross country on cow/wild house trails, exploring a lot of new sights around here. Being 78+ yo, I know this bike will climb just about anything, if I can stay on it, and it will plow thru all the soft sand we have in the dry creek bottoms etc.

From what I have read, Biktwix is just as good as any other good brand name, I had a couple of minor problems and Biktwix helped immediately to fix the problems.

Here's to 1000 miles this year, (for both of us), just woke up and have 3+" of white sunshine on the ground, if the wind doesn't start blowing, I'll be making tracks in the snow.