A quick ride review of the Vado SL 4.0

I'd start with 11-46 or 11-50t cassette. You will need new longer chain. Do your homework on 11-50t cassette as derailleur may not support it.

The original plan was gx axs upgrade with an nx eagle cassette and a chainring/crank change. I am simply not confident 26->20 gear inches will close that gap. In any scenario, I would be going slower than I was, but may be able to maintain the effort.
I can definitely validate that the SL beats the vado in this particular event. ;)

Apparently, specialized needs to make bike boats now.
Apparently, specialized needs to make bike boats now.
In early 2010s (before I returned to cycling), I was attending a rock festival on a huge, beautiful lake. I rented a pedalo, and I and a female friend got into the pedal boat. To my surprise, it turned out my legs were so weak I was unable to pedal the thing! It was my strong friend to do the pedalling on the whole trip! What a shame... I could ride an e-pedalo for sure! :D
I can definitely validate that the SL beats the vado in this particular event. ;)

Apparently, specialized needs to make bike boats now.

Just some quick Vado SL ride data that you may/may not find interesting: This morning's ride was 15.4 miles and 77 minutes movement time. I spent 75% of my time with the motor off, 14% of time in ECO, 10% in trail mode, and 1% in TURBO. This consumed 10% of my battery or 32Wh. Avg speed was 12mph.

Here is the kicker: Max altitude was 862FT and minimum altitude was 725FT. Total ascent 298FT and total descent 303FT. Uphill altitude gain per hour 2055 Ft/h and downhill altitude gain per hour 3031 ft/h (which I do not entirely understand). Max gradient was approximately 7%. All this is assuming that BLevo data is +/- correct.

This is where the SL shines. I am in generally good health but am not particularly 'fit' or 'unfit'. I am in my 50's. The SL provides the assistance to enable an enjoyable outing without killing myself during a workout/ride and allows me to be care-free about my route(s). 75% of the time I enjoyed a typical non assisted bike ride on a nimble bicycle. When I needed some help....I used the assist....sparingly imo but without guilt. When using the assist I was still working/pedaling.....in fact (I'll have to look at the stats) my cadence is generally higher under assist (because the SL rewards you with assist dependent upon YOUR input as well).

The bike is just damn fun. I s'pose that many could find differing appropriate uses for this lightweight and nimble ebike......but the way that it is setup just screams 'fitness bike'. It never feels like it has 'power to spare' that is for certain.....and for my application that is entirely OK....perfect even. Given what is available to me....if it had power to spare it would not be nimble and easy to maneuver without assist. In Colorado with your gradients I would think that the Vado SL with the 1.1 motor would feel woefully inadequate at my level of fitness. In Kansas City the Vado SL is awesome.
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@mfgrep: while the BLEvo data are really accurate as for the distance ridden and the electronic data, treat the elevation data with a pinch of grain :) Even GPS bike computers often do not report the elevation data correctly, and BLEvo just relies on the barometric sensor of your phone,

A good usage report!