8-speed Shimano Nexus Barrel Adjuster


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Hi guys,

I have purchased a brand new Arroyo C8 Elite, which has a Nexus 8.

I need to turn the barrel adjuster to slightly align the gears, however I have problems to pull forward the plastic sleeve, therefore I cannot rotate it.

Please see the picture below, I cannot rotate it in neither side, likely because I cannot pull it out more that what you see :(

Any hint on how to loosen the barrel adjuster more? I cannot understand why it is so difficult.

Thank you!


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Shift to eight gear, then see if you can get some movement. And then go back to 4 for the fine tuning. Report back weather or not that works, I have other ideas.

Thank you for your reply.
I just tried but the barrel adjuster simply does not rotate because, IMO, it does not pull out enough.

I do not want to force it because I do not want to risk damaging it. Weird.

It is a $5 part and needs to function. Most likely it is overly tightened. Maybe put something like a needle nose vice grip on it. If it breaks, then just replace it.
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