48v Horn, how to wire & test?


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I've read that some have used a 48v electric horn on their 48v e-bikes.
I bought 2 of them, as I was of the belief the 1st one was no good.
The second one I got also did not work.
I take the battery off of my iZip E3 Peak, I take a voltmeter/tester to verify the voltage from the proper pins are correct (one set reads 48v, another reads 36v), and I test the horn by placing one wire on each terminal that shows voltage (the 48v set), and I get zero response from the horn.
Am I missing something?
I make reference to this link that discusses the use and installation, I sent the author an e-mail months ago, zero reply.
(link: http://www.ebikeschool.com/review-a-super-loud-ebike-horn-for-only-3/ )
Anybody have any ideas how/why?
I really, really want this horn.
I use an AirZound, a whistle and a Hornit (the WORST piece of junk by the way), and I still need more (people with headphones daydreaming, plus you know, all the other reasons)
BTW, when using the Hornit (there are two modes/sounds), people look in the trees to see if they are hearing birds chirping....it's so pathetic)
But I don't want to get off topic, am I missing something to get this horn to work?