2023 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

Always look forward to your outing reports -- beautiful countryside, good writing. Please keep them coming!

Some battery-related questions, please:

Q1: What's your total battery capacity, including any extras onboard?

Q2: How much of it did you use on this 51-mile ride?

Q3: When you have to, how do manage battery on the fly?

On Q3, guessing some combo of slowing down, reducing or turning off assist, and avoiding resistances (hills, headwinds, tire sinkage). But maybe you have other tricks.Thanks!
I always carry a spare battery now so I have 1000wh available on my shorter rides, if I'm going for 100 miles plus I take a second spare with me. On that particular ride my first battery lasted for around 37 miles. As you probably know conditions play a big part, last year I completed 162 miles using my 3 batteries and I actually managed 83 miles on my first battery! The main reason it lasted this long was all down to a tailwind for 75 miles and only 3000ft of climbing.

My bike has 22 gears so that helps a lot to conserve battery, using the lower gears I can climb anything up to a 10% gradient using the eco setting only. I never turn the assist off now as I find it doesn't really make a difference, having the bike for over 4.5 years you get to know what it and you are capable of! Regarding the anomaly with the gps elevation, I think its probably just gps error as its like this with every ride!
It warmed up enough I rode 14 miles today and back to posting a barn picture.
I was away for a couple of days to sort out my personal matters. Now, back at work. Will have time for e-biking from Thursday perhaps!

1. The road 579 has been rebuilt with nice stretches of new bike paths. Need to ride for Klimatyczna Cafe to enjoy the new road!
2. Friday: Attending a gig of friends in Warsaw. It will certainly be a nice night ride!
3. Saturday: Meeting of my cycling club in Warsaw, organizational matters. I plan an e-bike ride to there, too.

I only hope it would not be raining!
Well its stopped rai....
Oh no, its started again.
I know, Cartridge, I know :) Don't ask me how I know :D
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Last Saturday was a warm, sunny respite between storms in coastal San Diego County, so we decided to explore some potential bike routes near the new house. The high point, literally and figuratively, was the bluff above North Ponto Beach.


Forgot my phone, but my wife got this shot looking north toward Carlsbad Village. The WNW swell was still quite high from the bomb cyclone up the coast the day before.

Note the loose pebbles recent storm waves have piled up against the base of the cliff. The bigger waves pick up these lemon- to grapefruit-sized rocks and bash them repeatedly against the cliff face. Sometimes the rocks even get airborne. This powerful erosive process, called "wave abrasion", is the main cause of sea cliff retreat in SoCal.


The photo above from a few days earlier shows much higher rock piles against the cliff face at South Ponto Beach just a few miles away. The storm waves have temporarily stripped both beaches of most of their sand, while other beaches nearby retain theirs with no rock piles. A fascinating dynamic I one day hope to understand.

BTW, when I arrived at South Ponto that day, some kind of cosmic convergence appeared to be underway...


But I digress. Went back to North Ponto on Sunday to get more photos, as the route's also about trains.


This busy main line carries passengers and freight to LA and beyond. Pictured here is the Coaster, a bike-friendly north-south commuter line serving coastal San Diego County from Oceanside south. Plan A is to use the Coaster as an ebike extender.


Dirt roads like this follow the tracks for a few miles on both sides. Maps don't show the access points. You just have to poke around to get onto them -- and no better way to do that than by ebike.



We saw these maintenace cars in action the day before.


The first-order topography here is a staircase of wave-cut marine terraces generally increasing in elevation and age as you go inland. Wave abrasion acting over 200,000+ years of steadily rising land and sporadically falling sea level is largely to blame. On the last leg home, I passed this undeveloped terrace with kids criss-crossing on bikes.


I wanted to join them, but the only way through the fence was way too steep for an old guy on a 63-pound ebike.


A better look at the fine mackeral sky.


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Still decent weather here, normally about 34 for a high it was 47 instead. I rode 21 miles and my barn of the day picture. It looks like a freshly painted one.
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I went to Norway many moons ago, a lot of the barns are painted red , we were told its all to do with some tradition of using enemies blood, but Im sure its just some myth they use to wind up the tourists.
It seems it comes from Falu red which is a byproduct of copper mining.
I did 11 miles today. Not a barn picture but a junior high school they have been working on. It’s suppose to be open but they are claiming supply chain issues. I’m still unsure if supply chain issues are the reason or an excuse.
I do not feel particularly well (some infection?) Yet the afternoon sunshine made me set off for a ride. I pedalled Vado SL right away to the "Girls" in Rozalin, arriving there at the sunset...


I was misled by the initial temperature of +9 C and the sunshine; my clothes were barely adequate as temperature eventually dropped to 3 C, and there was 20 km/h southerly wind!


Mushroom cream soup with vegan pasties and vegetarian "kaszotto". The latter is like risotto but with kasha (groats) instead of rice :)

Because of its low power (and my weak legs), Vado SL behaved very much as a traditional bike. The speed was greatly affected by the wind. Suffice to say, I was pedalling at some 21 km/h upwind but as fast as 31 km/h with the tailwind (and with reduced assistance!) A good trip, only requiring me to take a very warm shower post the ride...


Ride Map & Stats.
The bike shop called to tell me my new Gazelle had arrived (this being the bike I won in the shop's Christmas raffle), and (at my prior request) the shop had stripped it down to the frame, ready for painting.

I handed over the touch up paint that Rivian had sent me in the Rivian Blue color, including the color codes, so the automotive paint shop would have no problem matching the exact color. We tested out the color by dabbing a bit of the touch up paint in a hidden spot in the frames interior. Consensus was the bike is going to be a knockout once painted. A one-of-a-kind.

It's going to take a couple of weeks to have the frame painted (several coats plus a top coat) and the bike reassembled. No worries. I have 3 other ebikes at my disposal, including the twin to this new one.

Now, if the weather would just cooperate...

After another week of awful weather it was much better today, still windy but way better than it was! I headed down to the Clyde Valley as I haven't been there for a few weeks, thankfully the traffic was quiet for a Friday! Unusual to see these gates open so I grabbed the opportunity to capture the River Clyde which was flowing very fast after all the rain!



A little further along the valley!

I reached Kirkfieldbank where the river is so high at the moment, in stark contrast to the summer drought!

I climbed out of the valley up the big climb to Lanark and spotted a young lad pushing his bike up the path, I checked to see if all was ok and it was, the climb was just too much for his bike! I'm sure he was jealous of my electric assist ;) I arrived in Lanark and headed north towards Forth, I stopped here for a couple of photos and then turned east to avoid the strong crosswinds!


I was now heading for Carnwath where I would turn north again, I love this road up to the village of Braehead!

As you pass through the village there is a lovely descent to enjoy towards Forth, the crosswinds were a bit of a problem here though!

Normally when I reach Forth I continue north towards Briech where there is an awesome descent but today wasn't the day for that road with the 35mph crosswinds, I cut off the main road and on to the quiet back road towards Climpy! Its another big climb here up past the Blacklaw wind farm where I soon had a nice big descent although it was directly into the wind but way better than a nasty crosswind! I reached the crossraods at the A71 where I headed straight across towards Shotts and immediately back tracked when I saw a flood and mud all over the road! So I turned west directly into the headwind and took the next turn in to Shotts and it was a nice ride from here back home on quiet roads! One last photo as I was about to descend down past one of the local farms when I spotted the Campsie Hills in the distance lit up by the sun with my home town in the foreground!

Another nice ride despite the gusty conditions, at least it stayed dry until just after I arrived home! About a minute after I put my bike away the rain started, I guess it was my lucky day on Friday the 13th!🤣

@Readytoride I'm sure your bike is going to look awesome, can't wait to see the final result! 👍

@Stefan Mikes I hope you are feeling better now, always be prepared for the weather to change on you and take more clothes than you need!


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Ive had a cough now since November, which would normally be of concern if everyone I know didnt have the same problem.
The issue is its making me a bit of a wimp and a night ride on the beach in huge winds would normally have me signed up, but I stayed in instead.
Theres a sort of malaise setting in, the news in 100% negative, the weather is hot on its heels and here I am watching Emily in Paris with the wife trying to rekindle some connection with enthusiasm for life.
Anyway I promise to le homme up and your posts are my lifeline.
Thank you all
I am *loving* the latest season of Emily in Paris. She's perpetually bubbly, plus the clothing and fashions are such a kick. We're also streaming "Suits" for the legal shenanigans, as well as "Irreverent" for the Aussie comedy. And marking a second round streaming Wednesday on Netflix for the sheer brilliance that is Tim Burton, at al. Dare I say the 2nd time around is even better than the first (which was absolutely mesmerising, even for hubby) because I'm catching a lot of the little nuances that I missed the first time.

The days are too iffy to bike right now, and I'm toying with bringing the trainer in from the garage and setting the Vado up on it just to encourage me to ride.
and here I am watching Emily in Paris
@RabH - your rides through your stunning countryside are so much fun to read, and the pics are mouthwatering. Thank you for posting. You're already way ahead of me on the miles, btw. But ... you probably already know that.🙃

@Stefan Mikes - hope you are feeling better.
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Just want to tell you my infection left me :) Been shopping with my Vado SL.
Specialized Warsaw told me my Vado 5.0 (now Vado 6.0) had been rebuilt. I am afraid to see my former "Highway Star" in the new shape!
Reportedly, the "new" e-bike is in the fasterestest colour :D

I gladly hope the rebuilt Vado will meet my expectations. I have just paid a yearly fee for the full membership in the Graveloza CC. The coming weekend is marked with the "farewell... not" ride of Łukasz T, the member who moves from Poland to Denmark. Having 520 W "under the hood" would certainly help me riding with other full members of the Club!
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