2016 Base Turbo HUB Service


It's time for a complete overhaul of the bike after 4k miles. I just finished replacing the drivetrain and had the rear wheel rebuilt (factory spokes / nipples are POS)

What I would like to do next is to rebuild the hub, does anybody here have any experience with that? What kind of pawl system are we dealing with here ?

Why do you need to rebuild the hub? Do you have problems with the spokes? check the post about that. In my case I had 4 spokes being broken in sequence (after being replacing them) and Specialized changed the whole wheel for me (is still under warranty).
spokes are fine after the wheel rebuild, brass nipples and stronger spokes laced to wider rim stopped the nipples breaking.

But now it's time for the hub itself, the freehub mechanism, sounds rough ... am going to regrease the pawls sometime soon.

I got 4k miles on that hub