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Zen Samurai CVT e-Bike – not just a ride, but a tailored experience to redefine your daily commute.
For a limited time, seize the chance to own this refined ride at an unbeatable price.

Key Features:

Powerful Gen 4 Bosch Motor (85Nm Torque): Accelerate with 85Nm of torque for an exceptional riding experience.

UL 2271 Certified Bosch Power Tube 500 Wh (Upgradable to 1000 Wh Dual Battery): Ensure enduring journeys with safety-certified, long-lasting power.

Enviolo Heavy Duty CVT Hub: Experience a super-low-maintenance ride with seamless gear shifts.

Customization Options:

Colors: Personalize your Zen Samurai CVT with a range of attractive color options.
Suspension: Tailor your ride for comfort on diverse terrains.
Drive Train: Choose the drive train that matches your riding style.
Varied Tire and Gearbox Options: Optimize your ride for different conditions.

This is your opportunity to revolutionize your daily ride.

To explore the Zen Samurai CVT further and take advantage of our exclusive pricing, and free shipping click [insert hyperlink here].

Ready to make it your own?
Call us for a personalized consultation and start your journey with a Zen Samurai CVT crafted just for you!

+1-782-640-0073, +1-423-954-0092.


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