zen samurai

  1. Zen Support

    Zen Fall 2023 Promotions.

    Zen Samurai CVT e-Bike – not just a ride, but a tailored experience to redefine your daily commute. For a limited time, seize the chance to own this refined ride at an unbeatable price. Key Features: Powerful Gen 4 Bosch Motor (85Nm Torque): Accelerate with 85Nm of torque for an exceptional...
  2. Ravi Kempaiah

    Zen Electric Bikes - Demo Bike Clearance 2023

    We have a few Demo bikes available for sale/ clearance (as of August 13th, 2023) Zen Samurai - Large Frame - Red color - $3980 USD This demo bike has < 10 miles on the Odometer. Bosch Gen4 Speed motor, Enviolo Heavy Duty Hub, Gates belt drive Comes with Zen suspension seatpost, 1000 lumen...
  3. Ravi Kempaiah

    [Job Alert] - E-bike marketing lead in Halifax, Canada at Zen Electric Bikes

    Zen E-bikes is hiring a professional to join the team in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Please help us spread the word 🙏 The starting date is negotiable but preferably between September 15th to October 15th. Interested candidates can send their CV to [email protected] The requirements are: Graduate...
  4. Ravi Kempaiah

    Pictures - Zen Samurai Diamond and Wave designs

    The Zen team is obsessed with quality and reliability. Every single component and design will be tested rigorously before it gets into full-scale production. This helps in identifying every possible weak point and strengthen the product. Some latest pictures of Zen bikes. Truly amazing what Paul...
  5. Ravi Kempaiah

    Zen Samurai Diamond

    Early summer is the time when most companies start announcing new products and I thought this would be an appropriate time to announce updates on this model - Samurai. Some key highlights of the bike are presented below and full specifications will announced sometime in July once the...