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Saw the regional Easy Motion sales rep who had an early beta of the BT controller and the app on his iphone....VERY COOL. Hopefully a few more months before we can purchase......

One very cool feature is the ability to select a destination and have the controller determine the assist level necessary to get there. I guess it maps the terrain via GPS and automatically lessens assist if you are on flat ground and increases assist on hills. I also understand that there may be the ability to set a heart rate with a chest strap and have the bike change assist to keep you at your selected rate.

The rep wasn't very happy that I started drooling on him.....................LOL



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In every day life I don't think anyone wants to ride with the BT controller. You cannot adjust the settings, it is much faster to put on the LCD display than having to fitle with a phone, and what would you do if it started to rain :).
Valid point.............but there are wonderful waterproof phone mounts.
Yep I know, but compare it to your television remote. When you press a butto the TV reacts immediately and you can do use without having to look at the remote.
When you use a smartphone as remote you first hav to open the app, the you can push an on screen button, but you have to look at the smartphone.

But yes. It would be nice to have all the features from the BT controller.

What I think will happen is that the BT controller never will hit the market. Instead there will come an upgraded LCD Display with new features sometime in the future.
We will probably see phone apps improve first as it is much easier to develop for smart phones as android and ios toolkits are well understood and lend themselves to much more robust and cost effective solutions. As an example, Sonos, the wireless audio component system originally had a dedicated controller. They had lots of production issues and never achieved the same robust functionality that they had with their android and ios apps. They then dropped the controller altogether. To each his own, but I would much rather have a touch screen interface. If I were the manufacturer, I would work hard to reduce hardware costs and eliminate the time and effort a custom display requires.
Point taken :).
The perfect setup would be to be able to control the bike from both the Lcd display end the BT controller.