Need help finding the “perfect” ebike!


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1st off let me say I’m on my 2nd ebike right now. I’m 57, 6’ tall, 205 and in very good physical shape... and I live in Michigan so our paved roads are usually rutted. I ride mostly on the concrete/asphalt but will hit light dirt trails (my days of hard core MTB are far behind me).

My 1st bike was an Aventon Level (original version) which I had for 2 years and sold this year. While I was fine with it, it wasn’t the smoothest ride. I also didn’t like the cadence sensor nor the ability to modify anything with their controller.

I now own a Bolton Blackbird. It’s worlds better but there are a few things I‘m not crazy about…
I don’t like the fact that the throttle isn't variable. It either full or nothing. I don’t use is very much but when I decide to I’d like to be able to feather it a bit when I’m taking a break from pedaling. I also don’t care for the high step over bar. It’s higher than pretty much any other bike out there… actually the bike is the largest ebike I’ve ever encountered.

The things I do like:
It is fast and powerful. I’ve seen 35 GPS with hard peddling (peddled my ass off)! The ride is soft with the 4” tires and wonderful front inverted fork. I think the torque sensor is way better than the cadence sensor I previously had but here’s the rub, it seems to constantly turn the motor on and off at lower peddling speeds using PAS 1 or 2. I just figured that’s how it works but my wife just got a brand new Vanpowers Urban Glide Pro ebike and that torque sensor is like butter! Granted that bike only has a top speed of 20-25 with pedal assist and skinnier 2.2 tires but it is SO smooth! And the low step-thru is really nice. It’s just too slow for me and the spec’d parts are just so-so. They seem to work well for now but they are brand new and I’m a bit concerned about longevity.

So here’s my wish list in no particular order;
Under 65 lbs if possible
Smooth torque sensor
Variable throttle
Hydraulic brakes
750w motor or higher
At least 30mph unlocked top speed
Step through or lower step over
Suspension would be nice but I can always add a headset/seat suspension later
At least 5 gears
I have no preference between mid or hub drive… I just know most mid drive do not come with a throttle
My budget is under $2500 if possible

I appreciate any and all advise 😎
I'm a big fan of full suspension bikes if you plan to go fast, and 20 mph on a bike is fast. 30 mph is motorcycle speed, and what motorcycle doesn't have full suspension? With your budget limit, I would buy a lightly used full FS MTB and put a BBS02 in it. Get a twist throttle, and away you go. Up to 35 mph on the flats, depending on your gearing. Torque sensing is not with that motor, but you could try a 48v TSDZ2b.
I put a DD hub motor on a FS MTB, and it is a great bike to ride! Torque sensing and 24 gears. Yes, it's heavy in the rear wheel, but it is a road monster.
I'm not a fan of fat tires, but I have gone beyond 2 inches.🤪
Hey, I have several bikes, most equipped with KT controllers. Regarding the on/off throttle issue on the Blackbird, I beleive that also uses a KT controller. If so, to get a really nice progressive throttle, a lot of them require you to stop pedaling prior to using the throttle. If the throttle is engaged while pedaling, you get that on/off switch effect. No idea why, and it may sound nuts, but suggest you try it......