Winter Is Coming - Biking in Cold Weather

This year, I have been able to ride at temperatures down to -9 C, and on snow/ice. The information on winter e-biking gathered from these Fora has been priceless!


Wahoo thermometer has a temperature error of 3 C. The actual temperature was -8 C (18 F) there.


Almost the heaviest clothing I put on for long frosty rides. In case of even more severe frost, I pull skiing trousers on. Gloves not shown, neither the electrically heated socks.


Me taking photos on a Winter gravel group ride.


On the group ride. My Vado is equipped with studded tyres for Winter.


In the forest. Winter riding involves high rolling resistance, often adverse wind, and the battery works at low temp. Range planning is totally necessary! Too much of assistance will make the rear wheel skid, so selecting the right assistance for given conditions is essential.

I have ridden for 371 km this year, and it is only January 15th :)
Clips of my ride today... (-8C)
Looked like a nice day to be out riding. Hats off to you for doing so on a recumbent. I don’t think I could ever attempt to get on one let alone ride in winter conditions. What type of camera are you shooting with?
Trying to burn off the Christmas chocolate! Heated gloves sound like a good solution that I will need to try. My camera is nothing special, an older Samsung Galaxy Note -9 phone.