Why e-Joe?


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I am beginner, after long research, I came to conclusion: e-Joe Epik SE Sport Edition is the best in the class.
Recently, I found few other companies, for instance, model with same frame and basic parameters Addmotor® CYBERTRON C350.

In comparison with e-joe:

- | 2,6 AH battery
+| LED, 5-level Assist, better saddle, $500 less(!)

My question: do I have to pay ~50% more just for slightly better battery and good reputation or e-Joe bike has something else, that, as beginner, I don't know?

Thank you!

Thank you George!
I considered this model, it doesn't have chain guide, so Court had accident at the very first test drive, also straight handlebar is not convenient.
I reаd somewhere, that e-Joe built for hilly arias, probably, has some special motor.
I just don't know..
Court did a decent comparison of the EJoe and Voltbike at the end of the Urban video. Folders are very handy. Hope you find what you need.
I purchased a e-joe based on reviews on sites like this. Bike arrived in FL with broken clamp on folding
mechanism, customer service extremely unhelpful, would recommend to others to think twice about buying.
Best they would do was for a price sent a frame out, this for a new bike never ridden, maybe this is why the
bike is cheap, defective products used in assembly.
@parkrangerjay, sorry that you had such a poor experience with e-joe; I'm a bit surprised. It's not a huge company but the product they had at Interbike this year looked pretty solid and the company owner seemed reasonable but that's to be expected at a show. A couple of questions: did you buy a new product? Where online did you purchase the bike? Some sites, like Amazon and sometimes, Ebay or payment companies like PayPal would work with you to see that issues are properly resolved. Or contact your credit card company and file a complaint. Be ready to send some pictures of the damaged bike and possibly the box if it was damaged during shipment. Let us know how it goes.
I purchased a 2018 E-Joe Epic SE. Love the 500W motor. Like the throttle placement, the twist shifter, and tall seat post. Nice looking bike with good power and customer service so far helpful. I have to say there were some issues that are covered under warranty that probably occurred during shipping or assembly. Large paint gouge in the top of frame, magnet for closing the wheels broken, and missing pieces on seat quick release. All promised to be replaced of fixed with touch up paint. Lack of rear suspension makes a suspension seat almost a necessity if one can be found longer than 350mm since I am 6'2". Other than that I like the bike and will keep it.