When transporting ebike on platform-type car rack, do you remove the battery?

When transporting ebike on car rack, do you remove the battery?

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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if ebike enthusiasts generally remove the battery from their bikes when transporting them on platform-type car racks, such as the Kuat NV 2.0, etc.?

Let's assume we're not taking the ebike cross-country, but just 5 miles to a local trail.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

(For reference purposes, I am specifically referring to the Bikonit Warthog (MD750 / HD750 / MD1000) and similar dual-battery 30A replicas based on the same frame design and using the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor, such as the Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2, Etek Hunter, Steamoon Spectre-X direct from Asia, and other unbranded look-alikes from the 'Leili' China-based supplier. But the question is likely applicable to most ebikes types, not just the models stated above.)
Per the OEM instructions in the manual, it states to remove the battery before transporting. YMMV
Yes, remove it.

It doesn't take that long and, since we have two e-bikes, the weight of two batteries adds up.

Take the few extra minutes and remove it.
I do not, OTH I should! My older ebike has the battery latched down at two places and its hard to remove-I say if its not too much trouble remove it and the bike thief may think twice about stealing a bike without a battery.
For me it's not just the potential for it to be stolen, it's for the potential for it to be soaked driving through a rain storm. A 5 mile ride is one thing, but a 1000 mile ride something else....
I take the battery out of our bikes before loading. I have a ramp but usually lift the bike up on the rack so it makes the bikes lighter. It’s also that much less weight back there bouncing around. Between the two batteries that almost 20 pounds total. There is also a chance but could fall out during transport.
Remove it. Less weight = less strain on your back and the rack.
We take them off for trips outside the area. We have flame containment bags. They will hold two batteries but we only put one in each plus our spare battery is in the third one. I also use blue tape to cover the seat post hole, battery holder pins, the rear brake cable holder where it points mostly upwards and the switch assembly.
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You're welcome.

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