Integrated Taillight for MD750 / MD1000 Bikonit Warthog & Replicas - Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive


Hi friends,

I am wondering if anyone can please share their thoughts on integrated taillight solutions for the Bikonit Warthog (MD750 / HD750 / MD1000) and similar dual-battery 30A replicas based on the same frame design and using the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor, such as the Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2, Etek Hunter, Steamoon Spectre-X direct from Asia, and other unbranded look-alikes from the 'Leili' China-based supplier.

It appears these ebikes do not come with a rear integrated tail light from the factory (even the fancy branded ones), but do come with a 6V front integrated head light, which is controlled by the main Bafang display and integrated batteries.

Based on some cursory research, one idea which may potentially work is something like this:

It is unclear how the tail light would receive power, and whether it would be matter of spicing the 6V front head light into another set of wires going to the rear, or a more sophisticated solution, which may involved opening or disassembling the motor housing?

If anyone has any thoughts on how to add a tail light to the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor system, please share them below, as using a rechargeable battery-operated taillight is certainly not ideal.

Thank you!
I am very sure there would still be a connector on the motor to plug in a stock taillight. Would just need the proper wire to connect it. Then could probably run any 6V light.
Based on some research, I would concur, but it would also involve pulling down the motor and dissembling it to plug in the taillight cable... based on schematic diagrams folks have shared on this forum:

Just came upon this thread. Are you still keen on connecting a rear light on the Bafang Ultra? It's easier than you think.