Adding Integrated Tail / Rear Light to Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor System?


Hi friends,

I am wondering if anyone can please share their thoughts on integrated taillight solutions for the Bikonit Warthog (MD750 / HD750 / MD1000) and similar dual-battery 30A replicas based on the same frame design and using the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor, such as the Juggernaut Ultra Beast 2, Etek Hunter, Steamoon Spectre-X direct from Asia, and other unbranded look-alikes from the 'Leili' China-based supplier.

It appears these ebikes do not come with a rear integrated tail light from the factory (even the fancy branded ones), but do come with a 6V front integrated head light, which is controlled by the main Bafang display and integrated batteries.

Based on some cursory research, one idea which may potentially work is something like this:

It is unclear how the tail light would receive power, and whether it would be matter of spicing the 6V front head light into another set of wires going to the rear, or a more sophisticated solution, which may involved opening or disassembling the motor housing?

If anyone has any thoughts on how to add a tail light to the Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor system, please share them below, as using a rechargeable battery-operated taillight is certainly not ideal.

Thank you!
If you will look here, this diagram will show all the connections coming from a G510 motor, there are 2 connectors for front and and rear lights:
I would believe that all you have to do is fish these wires to the correct locations,
and add the lights etc.

Thank you for the pointer, I am wondering what is the process to actually find the connection for the rear light, and then fish it out.

Does anyone happen to know if the motor would have to be dissembled in order to get to the rear tail light connection?

Thanks in advance for any additional pointers.
I can only speak for the G510 motor and the Wart Hog MD 750, I have,
to get to these connections, you'll have to drop the motor and then connect the light cables, then fish these cables up thru the down tubes for the head lite and out/down the seat tube and along the back tire/frame to the rear.

I made some thin wire (Brass welding rods, 48" long) with hooks to assist pulling these cable thru all the down tubes etc.

For want it's worth, I have NOT found any info on how to do this chore,
just my thoughts when I dropped my G510 motor to check everything out.
Make sure you don't pinch or damage any cables.........LoL
saves a lot of headaches in the long run to be careful..........
I have a Rize RX Pro bike w/Ultra M620, and can share 2 things that might help.

I was messing with the shift detector, and to get to that, I had to pull the LH side cover. Not hard, just a few screws securing a plastic cover. That exposes all of the wiring leading to the motor internally. You'll need to identify the rear light wires, which shouldn't be difficult, but may require some patience due to the cramped quarters.

2nd, my bike has a tail light/brake light combo. That's going to be 3 wires. If you are looking for just a tail light (2 wires) you'll need to identify the positive and negative and figure out how to proceed from there.

It would APPEAR that there is an option available for the light in your link for "connectors matching Ultra M620". That LOOKS like the way to go, but I haven't done it, so you may want to verify prior to ordering.
Thanks again for the thoughtful responses, folks.

After analyzing the responses, technical schematics, and giving it a lot of thought, I've decided not to risk dropping/opening the motor to attempt adding the tail light hard wire cable, as the risk appears too high for someone whom is not a professional ebike mechanic.

I am now back to pursuing the battery-operated route for the tail light.
Just came upon this thread. Are you still keen on connecting a rear light on the Bafang Ultra? It's easier than you think.
checked Bafang g510 by multimeter the front and rear lights connectors,
front output is 6V, rear is 3V
is it ok?
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