Keeping Integrated Headlight On & DPC-18 Display Screen at Full Brightness Simultaneously - Bafang Ultra M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor System


Hi everyone,

For those folks whom like to ride during the daytime with their integrated headlight on, while also wanting to keep their DPC-18 screen of their Bafang Ultra (M510 / G620 Mid Drive Motor system) display at maximum brightness simultaneously, there is a neat trick I've uncovered by sheer trial-and-error:

1. Turn the headlight on by using the headlight on button, once your system is powered up. Your display will dim, adjusting to the ambient light settings, if you have this feature turned on.

2. Double click on the 'i' button, to get into the 'open-secret' settings menu.

3. Go to Brightness, and set it to 100%. The screen will now be at full brightness, and the headlight will remain on.

4. Exit the 'open-secret' settings menu, and enjoy simultaneously your headlight being on (for safety during the day), AND your DPC-18 display screen at full brightness, so you can actually read it during the day.

Please note, once you shut down the bike (or it times out), you will need to repeat this procedure, as it's not 'sticky' between bike power-ups. Note, you can set the timeout variable on your screen to never time out, but then you have to remember to shut down the bike each time.

Any comments or questions are welcomed.

Enjoy riding safely during the day with headlight always-on visibility, AND the ability to read your display clearly! :)


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