Bafang Ultra M620 / DPC-18 Error Code 04 and 24.


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My Bafang Ultra M620 with DPC-18 Display is showing Error Code 04 and 24. Reference attached Screen Shot of error listing.

I think these 2 error codes are related to the problem that I am having with the DPC-18 having ~3 second delay in updating the MPH and Wattage usage on the display.

Does anyone know what error code 24 is and why my DPC-18 is having ~3 second delay in updating the MPH and Wattage usage on the display?

Here’s examples of WATTAGE or CURRENT not being updated immediately on the display.

1. From the bike being in a stopped position, when I use the throttle to accelerate the bike, the bike accelerates immediately, but the display does not show any WATTAGE or CURRENT for ~3 seconds. Why?

2. When I release from full or partial throttle, the bike immediately stops accelerating immediately, but the display is still showing WATTAGE or CURRENT for ~3 seconds. Why?



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Is this a UART or CANBUS motor? If UART, have you made any changes in the OEM programming?
My interface is UART and the bike has not had any changes to the OEM programming.

Error Code 24 anyone???
Here’s the DPC-18 Error Code list, but not Error Code 24.


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Not sure if it helps but on the 860c display... 24 = Head light sensor error.
From your photo, the other error codes seem to align on both displays

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