What trailer can attache to xiongda 2 speed motor 12mm thread?


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happy to have found you and this site!
I have great expectation for this motor. it is not yet in use since im building my battery(bad idea)
I have a bob yak i tried with a non ebike and i didnt like the fact that the c shape attachement was bending , that there is no stand and that you cant easily carry it around using your hand pulling.

i looked at the coho xc and it looks good but i have the same problem: can i how attache it to my xiongda axle(it is already filled with electric wire)

here are the specs i received from the xiongdacie when i asked if i can attache a bob on it :​

our axle is round 12mm, flat 10mm, thread type is M12*1.25.

from the bob website, the hole of the bob fork is 12mm

then it will be no problem to fit in, right?

then use our own flange to lock them tigh
I have respect for the xiongda service answering at the same time i believe that it is a wrong advice to place the c shaped of bob directly on the axle as very quickly there will be no more threads and it will become an nonremovable motor . the thread will disappear quickly.

My question is wide : what trailer can i attach to my rearhub xiongda and a subquestion is how can i attache coho xc on xiongda axle as it seems my favorite atm.


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You can't buy it pre-made, but if you're a builder, you can fabricate something. Two sturdy brackets on either side of the bike with at least two attachment points per bracket. They end past the axle and you put your bobnutz or whatever they use on them.
hi english is my second languange and i can not visualise what you say , could you do a quick drawing?
They make brackets like this all the time to attach luggage racks. Two u-shaped clamp with rubber to protect the frame.

Get your angle grinder or metal saw and cut out a piece of steel to fit. There's usually a threaded 5mm hole around the axle to attach a fender strap. There;s your two attachment points. If not there's always other places. Then attach your trailer mounts to ends.

Did you expect it to be easy? It's easier than building a battery.