Weight of fully assembled LMT'D, carrying Hyperax e-bike rack, Tesla Model X.


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I assembled two Ride1Up LMT'D bikes (with torque sensors), both step-through and step-over frames. Both bikes included the Ride1Up fenders and rear racks, and the tires were inflated.

LMT'D Step-through frame with rear rack and fenders:
54.8 lbs with battery
47.6 lbs without battery (difference 7.2 lbs)

LMT'D Step-over frame with rear rack and fenders:
56.6 lbs with battery
49.4 lbs without battery (difference 7.2 lbs)

I determined this by using a bathroom scale that I know to be accurate to within 0.2 lbs (I tested against two other scales including the scale in my Dr.'s office). I weighed myself holding the bikes, and subtracted my weight without the bikes, repeating multiple times. As a double-check, I weighed the batteries on a mail scale and got 7.26 lbs each, identical for both. Ride1Up's published weight for the LMT'D is 53 lbs (same number published for both frames). Taking into account the weight of the rear rack and fenders, this matches up pretty well.

The reason I wanted accurate weights is because I purchased a Hyperax Volt 2 rear hitch bike rack for my 2020 Tesla Model X, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't exceeding the hitch load limits. I weighed the fully assembled Hyperax rack at 38.2 lbs, and its published max load is 140 lbs, so I'm good there. Regarding the Tesla Model X, there is confusion because the manual says the hitch weight limit is 120 lbs. But Tesla's website says their approved 4-bike rack (which weighs 40 lbs) is designed to support loads up to 120 lbs, which would imply rack+load limit of 160 lbs. My rack+load comes in at 135.2 lbs, and since the Hyperax is a 2-bike rack I benefit from reduced lever arm effect. I plan to transport the bikes with the batteries removed, and I'll probably cover the battery opening with painter's tape to keep the contacts clean unless someone here can suggest something better.


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