Vintage ElectricEbike may be my next commuter ebike


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Hi all,
I currently own a Stromer ST1 Platinum and love it, but saw this one online and thought of it as my next upgrade... I went to their store in Santa Clara, CA and met with a very nice young guy who let me take it for a test ride. It rides like a moped, goes up to 35mph, and has alot of power. The throttle lever is a nice feature, although I felt the brakes could use some beefing up. It starts at $5,000, has a 3000 watt motor, and has a beautiful Brooks Saddle and other accessories. They also make a beach cruiser version. You can customize it with different options and colors. I think it looks beautiful.
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You really ought to get their new suspension fork. A rigid frame bike that does 35MPH sounds like a nightmare when it comes to potholes.

That Vintage Electric Tracker is a beautiful bike!
beautiful bike! bummer the battery isn't removable. this to me is in the category of almost moped like the A2B brand but even more elegant. except for that cluster of wires underneath.

definitely go for that suspension fork upgrade. damn i want this bike too
Check out Jay Leno's garage.. I think he interviewed and rode this bike with the builder, who is fairly young.
Too bad they don't make one with brake light and turn signals. I could register it as a moped here in NC and get the best of both worlds. Definitely the coolest bike I've seen.
Pinging the forum for any new V.E.B. riders... just picked up their Cafe model, and intend to commute to work with it, once I break myself in to riding a bike again... -Chris, Arlington VA
hi there,

i own two Vintage Electric Etrackers and would like to share my experience.

The bikes are really beautiful, headturners and expensive, but unfortunately not roadprooven.

You can buy them for places where it never rains, indoor circuits or your Museum.

Here is why:

- The etrackers are too heavy, which means you cannot pedal them home on an empty battery.

- There is no reliable display for the battery so you never know how full or empty it is....thats why you easily run out of battery out of the blue....

- All the motor powercables are outside and underneath with the plug exposed, so if it the bike gets wet it goes crazy. (that is in fact really dangerous especially with children)

- The cables are too thin and get hot when you ride uphill, i recently had a short circuit because the cables melted together.

- the onoff switch is with a key that falls out while riding on a bumpy road......when you leave the bike standing in on...and a child or someone accidently touches the throttle the bike takes off....can be very dangerous.

- All my batteries died after 2 years
Both bikes (4 years old) are on the 3rd battery

- the original etracker has brakes with cables, that are not strong enough for the weight and speed of the bike....i fitted both with shimano hydraulic brakes, after braking the original breakhandle

- another problem is the battery case, its a pain to access the battery and at the same time not watertight.
If you happen to get with the bike in the pouring rain water gets inside and the bike goes crazy.

- The throttle and display are cheap plastic they get stuck after a while and the bike keeps spinning.
- The 3 led display does not give you any helpful information other than charged or dead.

- While the team of Vintage Electric has been very willing to help and replaced my batteries plus controler for free .....I am now outside guarantee and left with two bikes that I spend more time repairing than riding. Right now i am looking at a 120$ + 80$ shipping to replace a broken charger (2 years old) and soon a replacement of the two batteries (800$ each).

The beautiful bikes have caused me soo much troubles that i just want everybody to know before they buy or run out of guarantee.