Varia radar mount ? … to license plate bracket ?


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Thinking about getting Garmin Varia 715 on my ST7. It has Radar and recording camera.
Anybody mount it to rear fender , license plate bracket which sits just under the taillight?

You would have two taillights but that seems fine.

With the normal mount to seatpost, I assume a tail trunk mounted on the rear rack would impede the radar, correct??

Thanks for any help or suggestions!.
If you got the no battery Varia (615) could that be wired into rear taillight??
BUT it has NO camera 🙁
you can attach it to the trunk. I use this guy to clamp the mount to a bar on my rack.
this one is a older one but you see how it works.
I'll be curious to hear how you like the camera.

My 515 is mounted fairly low (I considered putting it on the fender, but it wasn't necessary) and it works fine. If you blocked it with a bag or whatever it would impair the function, so prioritize moving it away from obstructions before moving it up.
I will report back on it if I go that route.

I will often ride without any bags and sometimes with one removal pannier and sometimes just a removable rear trunk.
Maybe a mount on the seat tube AND the license bracket/ or back of stock rear rack.
I chose a simple solution that someone had posted online. You use a soldering iron to pierce the bag the bag and attach the mount using cable ties. I have also added a Silicone tethered cover.

The saddlebag height is good for visibility.

Here is a borrowed tutorial:


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