Mounting a varia radar on city commuter


Kent ohio
Has anyone with the city commuter have suggestions on how to mount a varia radar? With the battery above the back wheel I don't think a seat mount would give enough clearance for the radar. And I have not found a good mounting adapter that would mount it to the rear pannier frame. Will probably try it mounted to a pannier bag, but I wanted to see if anyone had a better suggestion.
I hung mine from the back of the child rack at the top. I bolted an aluminum angle to the rack with the included 5 mm screw holes. On the horizontal surface of the angle I drilled a 5/8" hole. I stuck a 4" long plastic pipe through the angle vertically. I put a #6-32 1" machine screw through the top of the pipe to keep it from sliding down. I clipped the garmin varia mount to the pipe below the angle normally, as it would clip to a bicycle seat stem. Took a little shorter o-ring to fit the garmin mount as the 5/8" diameter pipe is a little smaller than the seat stem.
Fooferdoggie, thanks, I had bought what looks like the exact same clip, but no where to mount it. Thanks everyone for the input
Ok just checked the pics you can mount it on the vertical part of the rack I did that on our tandem. This is my regular bike but this mount works on the vertical too.
Creative! I've got a battery that sits on the rack, but I'll try something like that. Thanks