Vado SL With Trailer?


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I am considering purchasing a Burley trailer and axle to use with my Vado SL 5 non-EQ. I have seen a few threads discussing related issues without finding one confirming it can be and has been done. I have also found this page on Specialized website: that says the Vado SL is NOT compatible with trailers, although the page layout might suggest this applies to the EQ version. So has anyone tried this yet?
Axle also available on Amazon:
Bike Trailer Hitch Thru Axle Adapter 12mm Thru Axle with 1.0/1.5/1.75 Thread Pitch Shaft Length 167~185mm

Burley hitch adapter rip offs are also available on Amazon for much less than Burley.

I have used this with a Burley on an SL 4.0 non-eq and it works fine.