Used Izip for $800 or Bafang kit + Masi converted into E-bike for 1300??


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Hi! Trying to decide btw a used Izip E3 Vibe for $800 or Bafang Kit converting a Masi Strada Vita bike into e-bike for $1300.

My local bike shop recommends converting a Masi (or other nice bike) into E-bike with the bafang kit, which they do all the labor for. And that means they can do all repairs/replacements in shop.

On the other hand, Izip requires contacting their customer service for parts which I hear can be a drag.

Thoughts??? Any opinions on Masi bike too?

Thank you much!
I guess it would depend on which model year the iZip is. If it is a 2016 or earlier model, I would pass on it.

My wife rides a 2016 iZip E3 Vibe+. The only problems we have had is that the motor malfunctioned after about a year and was replaced under warranty. We had a very good experience with Raleigh, the parent company. Despite the fact that we purchased it at a bike shop 100 miles away they were able to set us up with a LBS to whom they sent a new upgraded 2017 motor and display and covered everything. In 2017, the TransX motor was upgraded because there were several motor failures on the 2016 models.

In 2018 the battery malfunctioned and the shop where we bought it replaced it, despite it being out of warranty. A new one was shipped direct from Raleigh so I didn't have to make another long trip. The bike has been fine since.
The shop you describe seems ready to work, ambitious and noticeably 'pro' eBike.
Short description sounds like that shop owner 'gets it'.
Consider their service and their resulting product.
You will have a fast,powerful semi custom eBike creation with new drive and battery , from 'your' shop.

The established LBS ( a small 'chain' ) near our home is too busy ( making $$$ ) fixing bicycles !