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Hi guys! Dave Cohen reached out to me with information on a $200 rebate from Green Mountain Power which you can learn about here. The site says "GMP customers can get an instant $200 rebate when you buy a new ebike!"

Dave explained that "Green Mountain Power (GMP), the largest utility in Vermont, just launched a unique rebate program aimed at improving bike mobility for its customers. At participating Vermont bike shops, customers can get a $200 rebate off an electric bike, electric cargo bike or an installed electric-assist conversion kit. This is really the first significant e-bike rebates ever offered in the nation and the program covers nearly half of Vermont's population! In addition, GMP has teamed up with VBike, the state's e-bike expert advocacy organization based in Brattleboro, to help its customers with VBike's free bike consultation program, which is funded by the Vermont Agency of Transportation through Go Vermont, Vermont's alternative transportation . VBike's consultation program provides free advice on bike design and technology for the specific needs of Vermont residents. It is the only service of its kind in the United States funded by a state! This story incorporates a visionary state transportation agency, a Vermont advocacy group promoting new design and technology for bike transportation (that's VBike), Vermont's unique innovative renewable energy policy, and a bold Vermont utility. I'd love to tell you more and where I believe this is all going. But maybe a good starting place would be for you to look at our short blog piece about this."

Big thanks for sharing this, Dave! And, great work on your blog post. I hope this information helps those who live in Vermont to save some money on an ebike :) Green Mountain Power can be reached at (888) 835-4672 and I've included a screenshot of their incentive page for historical reference.


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