Trouble opening a motor


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Hello everyone!

I own some really old Daymak Vienna prototype and i damaged a hall sensor when changing the tires.
hall sensor damaged.gif <- motor tester, the 3 lights are supposed to blink in series

I'm trying to open the cover of the motor to replace the hall sensor board but its really really firmly stuck! do i need a special tool to open it?
Is there a secret technique? Because both motor cover can "spin" in place but i can't pull it after removing all screws
cover.jpg <- Motor cover cable side
Its special (ac 60V 250W) and really expensive :(

Ask me any info about my scooter, i hope you all can help me :)
A scooter site probably has people who have split that motor.
well i looked around a lot and i couldn't find a guide or anything on how to open a daymak hub motor :(
there are electric scooter forums?
Put down some cardboard, grabbing the outer tire and push and tap down. The motor will side up and out of the housing.
HEY it worked!! (if by push you meant violently slam) thank you! i'll change that little pcb now