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For parents who may be in a similar situation, posting here about my very positive experience with the Wike special needs bicycle trailer. Our son has Down Syndrome and is on the autism spectrum and cycling independently is not yet an option, but he's getting bigger so a special trailer is necessary to get him out enjoying.

I would be on my ebike anyway (arthritis), but with a larger, heavier child and trailer, necessarily giving up some aerodynamics, the ebike goes from being a nice-to-have, to pretty much essential for enjoyment.

Overall, very pleased with the Wike trailer (we have the special needs Large, not the XL).

Pros and cons for the trailer:


Great safety features.
Well made and improving over time.
Responsive company.
Two different sizes of special needs trailer.
Clever design details.
Lots of options to customize.
Ample storage space.
Well styled and eye-catching.
Made in Canada!
Models available for pets.


No suspension (just cushions, tires)
Does not pack up small for travel.
Wide ebike axle, plus adapter, can put trailer centerline slightly left of bike.
Brake pedals can get pressed down by items in outer corners of soft rear storage space.
Takes extra shed space

I may update later with details on the above, but those are my main takeaways after two years of owning one. This adds so much summer enjoyment for my youngest - he would give a big thumbs up.
I think trailers are the best way to carry a load with a bike. And I bet your son is thrilled to 'ride' with you. Good enough!