Thule Easyfold XT Problem and Resolution

Bill G

A few weeks ago I drove back from a group ride. Upon arriving home, I realized the rack was very loose and the keyed knob that allows it to be tightened into the 2 inch hitch was completely missing. The safety arm that goes into the side of the hitch was the only thing holding the rack (and my R&M Nevo 3) on....which it did. I tried to obtain a new knob and associated parts through the spare parts section of their website. I exchanged a number of friendly e-mails with their service people and they sent me a knob that turned out not to be correct. I re-contacted them and they said the best solution was to file a warranty claim (the rack was 11 months old). Within 24 hours I was notified that the best solution was for them to send me a complete new rack, and they included the shipping number. On one hand I can't thank Thule enough for its rapid and fair handling of my claim, on the other I was a bit saddened that the part couldn't simply be replaced. I suspect there is more on the engineering side than meets my untrained eye. But kudos to Thule!

I've included a photo of the rack tongue. The black plate with the odd shaped opening is where the knob is supposed to be. When the knob is tightened, it pushes the ramped wedging mechanism up to tighten the tongue within the hitch. The knob also has a clutch mechanism engaged by the key that slips when the mechanism is adequately tightened.


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Thule’s customer service is outstanding. I had an issue with a clamp knob on my Easyfold, and I had a replacement part in hand within just a few days.

Unfortunately, that rack is sitting unused now, as our new bikes didn’t play well on it. I should probably sell it, but I won’t. 😊