Surly Long Haul Trucker E-Bike conversion


The Surly Long Haul Trucker has been an excellent bicycle. Many years, thousands of miles, lots of tours, a real workhorse of a bicycle. It is too bad that Surly chose to sunset them. I imagine Surly will have something great to 'replace' it in the future.

But the Long Haul Trucker outlasted me!

Getting older, I felt the need to get an E-Bike in order to keep me riding because the hills became harder, the average speed dropped, loads seemed heavier. 5 years ago I purchased a Felt E-bike and begin using it a little more than the Long Haul Trucker. I attempted to modify and purpose the Felt E-Bike as a 'touring' bicycle but even after 5,000 miles I never really got it dialed in. The Felt frame was built specifically for a Shimano Steps motor that soon was discontinued. The proprietary battery options were non-existent, the tire width was restricted. After looking at the emerging E-Bike market, I started to think I could build a touring better bicycle that fit my needs. Using the tried and true Surly Long Haul trucker was where I started. Now in my 70s I can continue to tour a little longer.

I ended with the bicycle pictured below.

The description of the issues and build are described here .

A short walk around video of the bike is here

Lekkie Cranks and were added after a few miles of testing here
Lekkie cover with grease spot and Lekkie Bling ring added soon after.
A short video of the grease of the motor gearing after 1,000km here
Thanks for the link to your build. It was very informative.
I plan on turning my Giant Escape commuter bike into an ebike this winter.
I'm considering the newly released Proton motor from CYC.