Electrek’s Take
I find this new step-through trend quite interesting.

When it first began, I would see a lot of comments to the effect of “What’s up with the girl’s frame?”

But I’m seeing less of that now, perhaps as people begin to realize that 1) you can be a man even if your bike doesn’t have a high top bar, and 2) step-through bikes are simply more comfortable to mount.
Some retailers still advertise as such, usually the non-electric bikes. I never understood the logic, wouldn't guys want to avoid the horizontal bar? (The custom began because women were supposed to wear dresses and be mindful of that.) Step throughs are easier on less limber legs and I like the increasing acceptance!
I think the top tube provides added strength and rigidity to the frame. Some step-thrus have a mid-tube.
Has anyone heard anything more about this line of bikes? Their specs look really nice. I like the cruiser.
Buy this and save alot of future regret
Bafang makes the most Powerful ebike motors Period.
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First ebike I ever rode, made me a fan of the step-thru, and it was in Taiwan last year. Nice little bike even for a 6'2", 220lb me:)