SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

Cherry blossoms at Western Washington University, just below our house.

I also got a nail in my tire today. So far the Slime tubes have failed to re-inflate twice. They are 0 for 2 so I am not going to bother with them again. Granted one time was a large nail and the other a 4 inch screw so peharps if the hole was smaller it might hold air.....I dunno. Also the Intuvia display shut down on this trip. I did get it running again but not exactly sure if it was a poor connection that corrected or just gremlins. And it was so headwindy the display fooled me into thinking I did not have enough range to complete my trip. BUT it was all good since I ended up with more time to fly a kite with my grand daughter.
hya I got a flat on the new trek fount the nail and spun the wheel to help seal it then used co2 to fill it when I unscrewed the thing it unscrewed the valve and flattened the tire. figured I did not tighten it enough when I put the stuff in the tire. but it did it on the new tube too.
Sometimes life is like a stick in your spokes...View attachment 119386
That happened to me last week and to think I could have avoided it by going around the spruce bough. It snapped and a large chunk of it jammed into the drivetrain almost in the same spot where the branch ended up in your cassette. It broke the cap and sheared through the housing and cable. Fortunately, I was able to limp home with the few remaining strands still intact. 😔