Schwalbe air plus inner-tube with Tannus inserts

Hi all, I am running on Schwalbe Super moto -X tyres ! has anyone one got the air plus inner tube in with Tannus armour inserts ! looking for some feed back on fitting plus performance given they are a tad heavier and thicker !
I use the moto-x and I have managed to stuff in Mr Tuffy strip, tannus armour inserts and a scwalbe air plus inner tube. Believe me, after all that is crammed into the tyre the thickness of the tube made no difference. I cannot honestly say I notice any difference in the ride feel. I found thorns kept going straight through the Tannus but the Mr Tuffy strip m as long as it is really accurately placed. Last summer I got punctured by a thorn and it went through exactly the one place where the strip had slid round to the side a little bit. For fitting, get some very good metal insert Park Tools levers, plus I bought all the tyre fitting devices I could find on Amazon. As the tyres age they become much more wiling.
Been running Tannus inserts on my SuperDelite for over 5,000 miles without a flat. I recently had to remove rear wheel to have a new Enviolo hub installed. When I pulled the Tannus, I noticed that the thickness of the insert was greatly reduced at the center of the insert. I figure it’s about 1/2 the thickness of a new insert. So the question is whether it makes sense to deflate the tires substantially after a ride and pump them up again prior to next ride. I’m going to post this question to Tannus and see what their response is.
I has assumed that the tannus insert will always be compressed at the contact point making the foam denser and harder to penetrate.

That being said, I haven't had a flat either since running them so I'm gonna stick with it as is.
I use Tannus in my Schwalbe Marathon+ tires with Schwalbe heavy duty downhill tubes. They can be a bear to mount but rim lube, tire talc and heavy duty tire tools help. I've been using this combo for 3 seasons and 6000 miles now with no problems.

I have noticed the Tannus inserts do compress over time but not significantly so. I also use slime in the downhill tubes which makes a mess if I fully deflate the tires. Doing so after every ride would be a PITA. Instead, I lower the tire pressure from 65 to 45# which helps reduce this compression. This also compensates for the slightly stiffer ride of the Tannus liners.