Rize RX Throttle Problem


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I have a ‘22 Rize RX with Bafang Ultra mid drive. Rode 3000 miles last year with no problems. Got tuneup at LBS before winter. When I took it out first time this spring, everything works fine EXCEPT…. Throttle only works intermittently. As in, throttle engages for about a second, cuts out, engages again, cuts out, etc. Pedal assist fine at all levels and speeds. Have tried plugging/unplugging throttle connectors with no luck. Any ideas on what’s causing or what to try to fix before I take back to shop? Thanks in advance for any help!
Battery is fully charged?
No error codes on the display?
If the connector is clean and tight... really only thing to try is replacing the throttle.
Had similar throttle problem a while back. Solution was to loosen motor position as I had previously retightened it which pressed hard on the cable to the throttle/display!
Guessing the 5-pin cable being “crushed “ was the culprit.
Throttles are known weak points. I ALWAYS have a spare. Having a spare also makes trouble shooting easier, IMO.