Daymak em1 throttle trouble could use some help ??


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Well here my problem I bought the bike second hand and it needed a lot of work I spent 8 months getting it ready to ride. Which I did for about 3 weeks last year but had a couple problems the number 1 problem was the throttle someone had replaced the factory one with an aftermarket throttle so it was stuck in 1 and I could not change the speed settings . So I ordered a new one from daymak and it cam I go to put it on and what a headache all the wires were cut up and I've tried to hook it up and get it working but with no luck . They have changed wires so the color match won't work .I tried with the multimeter and gone wire by wire with no luck please if there's anybody out there that knows how I can fix this problem fast spring is almost here and should be riding all ready but can't cuz of this one problem please help me .thank you