Recommended ebike for using with a child carrier


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Hi all,
I'm hoping for recommendations on what ebike to look at (and what to stay away from). I will need to be able to install a rear child seat and haul around about 280lbs between us. I need to be able to get up long steep hills, and I'd like to be able to go on long rides on both paved and packed dirt/gravel trails. I don't want to pull the kid along in a trailer and I don't want him in front of me for safety reasons.

So...can you please point me in the right direction and narrow down my choices by excluding stuff that wouldn't be a good fit?

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IZip, Currie Technologies main brand makes the Spicy Curry. Pedego makes the Stretch cargo bike. Cargo bikes are really stable and designed to haul a lot of weight, so are ideal for the munchkins. The big double kickstand keeps the bike level while you're loading or unloading stuff or a child. Some are long enough to carry 2 kids!
It sounds like you don't necessarily need a cargo bike. If it's just one kid there are many options. You can get most standard electric bikes and add a child seat. Most child seats will handle kids up to ~50lbs. The Yepp Junior will accommodate a 75lbs child.

If your kid is larger you could also consider looking at a product called the Companion Seat. It can hold up to 150lbs if I remember correctly. This could also future proof yourself, unless you happen to have another child. The companion seat won't work on all bikes but it could be an option.

You also have the option of a full on cargo bike, but it depends on your needs. I personally ride a Xtracycle 9E with a Bosch motor and I couldn't be happier. I don't have kids but we haul a lot of stuff on there. Camera equipment, Home Depot runs, groceries and occasionally my fiancé.
If you decide on a cargo bike, RadPower Bikes makes a good one that's half the cost of the Spicy Curry, the RadWagon I own one and am happy with it. I don't carry kids on it, but most owners do, I believe. It's not quite as big as other cargo bikes like the Xtracycle, but definitely longer than 'regular' bikes. It is, in fact, almost exactly halfway in between. RadPower sells popular child seats, and cargo bikes have running boards for passenger feet.