Recommendation for a motor needed


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First of all, I have a cheap bike but it's all I've got and it's my only source of transportation. I'm female, 60 and live in Florida (for now) and due to a newly discovered progressive health issue, I need to put a motor on my bike as soon as I can afford to in order to limit my time (and physical stress) out in the sun, heat and humidity as much as possible. My bike is a 26" Kent Del Rio (Pink and white) with 7 speeds from Walmart.

It's basically flat-ish down here and all of my riding is on the sidewalks/roads. The farthest I've had to ride (round trip) is 24 miles. My usual distance (once a week or so) is about 10 miles round trip. The kicker to this is that for grocery shopping, I need to pull a trailer. The trailer is 35 lbs empty. I'm guessing that with groceries in it (meats, cans, bottles, etc.) we might be talking 50 to 60 lbs tops (including trailer wgt) on the way home. That's a once a month 8 mile round trip.

I am thinking about a front direct drive but would that be sufficient? I'd like the motor (or battery) to be capable of about a 24 mile round trip if possible for those rare appointments.

Suggestions? Ideas? Thanks!