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Hi all.

Just joined forum & thought I'd introduce myself. I'm based in U.K. (West Mids) and, after searching for a new hybrid/trekking style ebike, ended up being the very happy owner of a new Cube Reaction Race Hybrid.

Odd really as Cube uses the term 'hybrid' to describe all of their ebikes (presumably because of the mix of leg & motor power?) not in the sense I was looking for a hybrid.

My intended use is mainly road but with the added ability of light forest trails, bridleways, canal towpaths, etc. Nearly bought a KTM hybrid but my friendly LBS persuaded me that there was an approx 10% premium on hybrids as the competition was lower, and that I'd be better off buying a 29" MTB & have them swap the tyres over & add rack & kickstand (all thrown in for free) - saving approx £200 and with the bonus of a much better front fork.

Anyhoos, ended up the proud new owner of a Cube, adjusted to my requirements, and very happy I went down this path. Just thought I'd post here in case any prospective owners have any questions on this particular model.
Carl, I just took a test ride on a Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 29R last week and I must say I was impress with the bike and how well it handled. I didn't think I would like it but it left an impression on me. I didn't get a chance to take it up any hills but it was smooth. The only thing that I had concern about the bosch motor was the limited power output. I guess I'm accustom to the idea of any motor with 500w and up since I've test ridden bikes with more power. Plus I'm a big guy 6'1, 225lbs I like a little more power to carry my big self around. Since There is only one local shop here in Toronto that sells the Cube. I have several shops near by but the Cube was at a good reasonable price to consider buying. What has been your experience with the Cube?
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- Yes, limited to 25kmh (approx 15.5 mph). It's pretty much all you can buy in the U.K. unless you know someone who knows someone (I've heard rumors that KTM will sell you a speed pedelec if you can prove ownership of a large plot of private land). Other than that, you have to go the kit route for extra speed. The speed limit suits me most of the time as range drops off exponentially the faster you go & my main reason for an ebike is to go out for full days & not to have to avoid certain routes because of too steep hills. It would be nice to have the extra speed when dealing with city traffic but that's rare for me & I don't commute.


- Only had it a couple of days but I'm absolutely loving it. There's certainly no power shortage for hill climbing and, if anything, I'm worried it has too much power & range for me & it will make me lazy. I got a free upgrade to the 500Wh battery & I'm used to a little bit of range anxiety so I used to stay on eco mode most of the time on my old bike. The big difference from my old Panasonic bike is the way the power is delivered/restricted. The Panasonic tailed off the power above a certain cadence (handy as you could cheat it by changing the gearing), whereas the Bosch uses the speed sensor to cut off the power. This meant the Panasonic required you to be more of a grinder to get assistance, whereas the Bosch delivers the power whatever your cadence (I'm a bit of a spinner).

I'd suggest you take another test ride & try to take in some hills. I wouldn't get too hung up on wattage figures as (& someone from Bosch might shoot me for this) the 250W rule may be being bent a tad by Bosch. The key figure for me is the 75Nm of torque - as the assistance doesn't tail off as your cadence rises, I'm pretty sure you get more than 250W most of the time. I can easily maintain the 25kmh up some pretty steep hills in turbo mode - nobody can tell me it's doing that on just 250W
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Sorry to derail the thread.

Scott, you should really list your Strava rides use as ebike. Go into edit, then activity type, and from the drop down menu pick E-Bike Ride. You can also add bike type as well from the ride edit settings. Example from last weekend.
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Just got mine today, 500w model with Nyon fitted. I might have got the cheaper computer but none seemed to be in stock, at least not in the grey/red subtle look.

I'm over 300lbs and live in the Black Mountains, hence the name 'blackmountaingorilla' and its been hard cycling because there are hills in all directions. The Cube is fantastic value for money compared to the other bikes. So far I'm incredibly impressed, but then the last MTB I bought was my Cannonade 500 in 1991, bike tech has come on a bit in the meantime.

Recently I've just been riding my touring bike around for short 20 minute exercises as I've been feeling a bit unwell and weird and have had a few health issues that limit how much exercise I've been getting.

Still early to say, but this bike seems to be revolutionary for me. I rode it 13 odd miles with some biggish hills today. At no point did I need to stop because of 'out of puff' but my Apple watch tells me I did more exercise than I have for months with my heart rate staying in a safe mildly aerobic exercise zone.

The only bad point came when the battery fell off only 20m from my start point and got scratched, I thought I had locked it on but it needs a hard push to make the lock 'click' properly. Ah well... it still works, first blood!

The only bad thing is now I need to spend another £1700 on one of these for the other half. Though I might try a few rides with her first just to rub in the fact I've got one and she hasn't :) then surprise her with a bike when she isn't expecting it.

The only slight irritation so far is that the projected range estimate appears so inaccurate as to be useless. At the end of my riding I had a prediction of something like 20 miles left on Eco, but I still had 4/5 LEDs on the battery and level on the Nyon. I guess I'll just have to guess based on my experience today that a similar level of use will allow me around 60+ miles, which is great in a hilly area like this. Seeing as I weigh 300lb I expected that the range would be more limited.

I guess I have a fair bit of technique to learn, but so far I tried to keep the power off whenever I was straight and level, then use it on Eco as often as possible when I needed a bit of a boost, with the higher levels retained for hill climbs. I only used the turbo once or twice on really steep grades.

Right now I'm uncertain of the balance of power selection vs. choice of gear, but with experience no doubt this will click in.

Also slightly disappointed that I can't get a cumulative altitude climbed number from either the Nyon, app or website as this seems as relevant to me as distance around here in terms of calculating possible range.
Certainly a fantastic part of the world. :)

One of my sisters is in the process of moving from just outside Newport, to the Black mountains. Good for me, but also bad, as it'll make trips to the Goose and Cuckoo at Llanover too much of a stretch.

You will get used to the various power settings V gear selection, and as you say, It'll just click into place.

Living where you do, and the terrain and elevation gains that you have, I'd definitely be looking to change the front sprocket for a 15 tooth one.

There are also several phone apps out there that will record elevation gain for you. :)