RadRover - $1000 Fat eBike .. why spend any more than this?

Prodeco is worth watching. They've been very slow getting new products to market, but they've also said they might triple production to 15,000 units a year, I think, There's a story about their Foreign Trade Zone, and their US production, but I can't get access again.

Prodeco has put the SRAM 2 speed hub on the more expensive fat bike. That is a product that has no 'backing' and no real reviews. I think the concept is to build a 'climb' gear into a hub motor, and maybe make a mid-drive less attractive.

Prodeco used to use giant LiFePo packs on the rear of their bikes. I have one, and I would have hard time replacing it ($800). Just too much for old tech, bad engineering. Prodeco has a deal with Samsung and they are using the same cells as the RR. All these companies who have been around awhile seem to be moving in slow motion. Prodeco does smart things, but they move very slowly.

When Prodeco has a 'winner' the order times tend to back up. You can tell how they are doing. Like to see how well they do with their fat. It's closer to what they sell than other known companies. I think the RR at $1500 would give them fits.
I like Prodeco. I originally wanted to purchase a (lightly) used Stride 500 from Crazy Lenny for a great price, but it had just sold. I did notice that the battery pack did seem to effect handling "feel" on bumpy ground. But it is a comfortable neighborhood cruising bike.

I think there's totally room for both - companies like Prodeco, assembling their bikes here in America - and crowdsourced bikes direct from China. I don't think they will step on each other's market at all.

As long as the motor is kept in the rear by Prodeco, I can't see that they will encroach any on the mid-engine market either.

Your own description of difficulties removing a rear wheel is some of the strongest evidence I've seen that hub motors, at any level of sophistication, will not be a challenger to mid-drive.

Plenty of room for all.
Anyone interested, they have put up a couple of accessories over at www.radpowerbikes.com - The expensive fenders look nice...but...expensive! I am using a portland design mud shovel set for my current fat bike and they work like a charm for less than either of the options they are going to be selling (say sold out right now, probably not setup to take orders on the rad power site yet).
RR is offering the bike for $1499. That's a big transition, being able to sell retail. If they can. But given the ups and downs of these campaigns, and the real risks (people die or whatever), it's not a bad price. Better if you can walk in, give them plastic, and ride off into the sunset.

I'll vote for giving them a forum. They seem forum-worthy.
Agreed, I think we will have many discussions in the near future when our bikes arrive! There are many fat specific questions and discussions that need to be held.

Hey, how about a fat electric bike sub forum instead?
I'm in the batch 6 and should be picking up in August, I'm sure there are people here in earlier groups who should be getting their bikes this month even.
That will be a fun ride for the price. Not as balanced a ride as a mid drive. Most of the mid drives are using well proven motors with warranties. When riding a fatty on pavement most run higher pressures. No self steer. Riding in the woods at lower pressures is another thing. After my first self steer episode in the woods I became a big helmet advocate. Being old and riding slow still will hurt