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Hello everyone!

I'm Nichen from Sweden. I'm 31 years old and I've been in love with electric bicycles since I tried one randomly in march 2012. I am currently using a Ecoride Summit. Ecoride is the largest supplier for electric bicycles in Sweden as far as I know. I am using wintertires during the winter...Nokian Hakkapellita tires..made in Finland. EXTREMELY good tires. They are studded and that is essential for northern climates such as in Sweden during the winter. I also removed the original back-fender for a larger one. I realized I needed a larger because I got so much dirt on my back because it wasn't long enough. I will post the before and after pictures here. I also have a Merida Maroon bike as a's not electric. Very pleased with it. I am looking forward to be part of this forum!


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Welcome Nichen,

Nice ride, the SKS fenders look cool too!
Thanks J.R.! Yeah it's a pretty nice bike. It will be interesting to see what Electric bikes are like within 3-5 years....I hope my next E-bike has a battery of about 12-17 Ah. My current battery is at 36V and 10 Ah which is ok.
I hope my next E-bike has a battery of about 12-17 Ah. My current battery is at 36V and 10 Ah which is ok.
Why wait, carry a second battery - 20 Ah. I've got two 48 volt 9 Ah batteries for my Dash and love it, good range or good speed on a shorter run. I'm ordering a 2nd battery for the Haibike also, they are currently backordered. Enjoy, -S
Thanks 86 and still kicking! I guess that's a great way to increase range lol....3 14.5 Ah batteries!??! Man are you going from coast to coast? :D
I run my Stromer in power as much as I can, count on 20 miles per battery hoping for 25 if nice to them
I run my Stromer in power as much as I can, count on 20 miles per battery hoping for 25 if nice to them
And do you swap em with a little left in tank? I've not dropped below 2 bars on my Dash since I got the 2nd battery, including 60 mile PAS 1 rides (more rare these days). Today was errands day, near full power all day. Doggie went off roading today!

I hope my next E-bike has a battery of about 12-17 Ah. My current battery is at 36V and 10 Ah which is ok.

36v @ 10ah is good! I'm running 36v @ 16ah, so I get your point though. The longest ride I've done is 35 miles (56.3 km). I've not run out of power and don't want to so I'm doing this:

Why wait, carry a second battery

I think with a second battery I should be able to do 80 to 90 miles (129 to 145 km).

To your point on the next generation of ebikes, we will all be saying "I can't believe I ever put up with that old technology". I'm with you, can't wait!

Recently I started swapping out batteries based on time. So if I have a full Sat afternoon and night I may slow down for distance and swap at 10%. Days where I have only few hours I will guesstimate using distance speed and total time and divide by 3. I tend to have more left on the last battery just in case it could be needed. I don't worry about running them down when I do but I now make efforts to keep the usage shallow.

I have had pretty good luck w/the 1st set on our Sports and almost made no effort at all when using them. I always charge when I come home, part of my get undressed in the garage routine. I always use fully charged batteries. I mostly leave them plugged in and usually shut down the high amp surge protector and restart for for a final topping off once I decide to go since they discharge slightly while attached. Almost every time they get to finish the balancing before taking them (LED goes green).

7500 miles on my Platinum probably 500 or more of wife's 2000 miles


Sorry for the hijac, back to Nichen's news
Welcome Nichen:
It will be nice to have your Northern European perspective here. Part of Sweden is above the Arctic Circle, no? Your days must be pretty short I bet.
I too run Hakkapeliittas on my mid-drive Optibike Pioneer Allroad. I use this machine to commute to work whenever the weather Gods smile enough to allow me to. I'm sure you get more snow where you are than we do here in New England but it gets cold enough here just the same.
For example tonight's low is expected to be 12º F (-11º C). Therefore, though I have to work tomorrow, I'm going to weenie out and ask my boss to give me a ride in tomorrow morning. My Winter gloves are just not cutting it. I have a set of Bar-Mitts on order though.
Which Hakkapeliittas do you have mounted? I'm running the W106 front and rear ("only" 106 studs per tire). All the other Hakkas have more. The W106s are fine for me because I got them for black ice and already-plowed roads, not riding in deep, newly-fallen snow.
I've noticed that my eBike's battery power falls off markedly in cold conditions. Has that been an issue for you? (When it's cold, I bring my battery inside the building while I'm at work.)
Again welcome to the forum and best regards/Allen
Thank you very much Allen! Well I do notice a difference when it's colder. Especially when it gets to -10 degrees C and beyond. I always take the whole bike inside a warm building when I go to work. When I have to go like 13 miles (20 km) I usually stop after like 15 km to get some extra juice from an outlet. But this is only during winter of course. I am not sure about my tires to be honest.... I think it is 140 studs for each tire. I will check it up and come back to you about that in this thread. So far I am just....extremely pleased with them. I feel safer using my bike than using the car with wintertires lol. Regards from Nick
Hey Nick:
Life is too short to count the studs in one of your tires for a nutburger from the quiet corner of Connecticut. I think the model number of your Hakkas reflects the number of studs; I know that's how it works for the W106 and some of the other models.
As a PSA for you and other members of this forum is an excellent place to get the lowdown on Nokian Hakkapeliitta and Shwalbe Marathon Winter tires. It's also an excellent place to buy them; mine showed up the day after I called.
Allen.... Now I know: it's 240 studs. Might be considered overkill to some maybe. I love em :)