Please, send me your dead BionX Li-Mn 36Volt battery case?

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Hi, I bought brand new batteries for my 2008 BionX but need an old case to install them in to. I am happy to pay shipping to Vancouver, BC for your dead old case. Embrace the sustainable.
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And what about the controller & charge functions that live in the case??? It houses more than just batteries & a BMS :). Please share how you have resuscitated an 8 year old system; there are a lot of them out there.
Hi Ann, I replaced the controller because I think it got wonky when I blew the BMS board. Everything on the bike worked great except the new battery. I tested the voltage on the new battery and it has full power. We narrowed the problem to a dead BMS board. You are right. there are lots of old battery cases out there but can\t seem to find a person who will sell/send me theirs. I have $500 worth of beautiful batteries trapped in a dead case.

Here is how you fix a dead IC2 battery:
I met Russel Graves in Utah in October and we re-built an old battery case with brand new batteries. Worked like a charm, tripled my range, until I charged it outside in the pouring rain on the bike. Moisture got on the BMS and now the 'wake-up' signal doesn't work. My electronic geeky friends and I tried replacing the board but Bionx won't release schematics so its hard to find just what little transistor needs changing. Most old IC2 battery cases still work fine. There is an easy way to test if your board is all good. I'll put the instructions and link to Russell's blog here. I also have videos of the two of us taking out the old battery pack and installing new one. I took these on my phone when I was down in Utah. I live in Vancouver BC and won't be down there , at least not for the next 4 years, again.

Changing to new batteries:
Here is a link in Google Photo to all the videos Russell and I made in October disassembling the old battery and reassembling the new battery pack into the old case. My phone ran out of storage near the end so you won't see the thermal fuse being put back on and the case being put back together. You'll have to use you imagination. But you should see everything else. The first video is a silly movie my phone made that I thought I'd share with Russell. Let me know if the link works.

Changing the I2C BionX battery videos.

To test a dead battery to see if the BMS board is still good:

Something easy to try with the dead battery: Pull it off the bike, let it sit for a while.

With the row of 3 pins on the back facing up, short the top left pin to the nearest large pin. A good battery pack should beep. I demonstrated that while you were down here, and I've got a photo of the right pins to short here:

If you do that, you should see pack voltage for a few seconds on the large female pins on either side of the connector - not for more than a few seconds, but that should be present.

If you don't get any beeps from the battery, it's probably the battery controller board - of which, sadly, I don't yet have spares or replacements.

If the battery wakes up (it should beep 3-4x), and you see voltage there, then the next place to check is the wiring on the bike.

Here is a link to Russell's blog.

Lots of tips and he will get back to you by email if you have questions.

Syonyk's Project Blog: Rebuilding a BionX 36v 9.6AH ...
A month or so ago, I posted a teardown of a BionX 36v 9.6AH battery pack. Some of you may have guessed that I was going to rebuilt it! You were right!

Let me know if you can help. A friend of mine wants to buy my bike and I've promised her the new battery will be working by the end of the winter holiday.

This is one way, the expensive way!
batteries are rated in Ah, for whatever that means.
I replaced my battery with 3X lead acid 18Ah batteries at 50$ ea + some wires and anchoring straps.

Its heavy, mighty heavy! But who cares. While cycling I did not find much difference in bikes dynamic handling

These batteries have a whole lot more hill climbing capability*, at 18Ah which only about 50% is usable (as opposed to near 100% for lithium) it still outperform the lithium batteries.

* cranking Amps or high surge capability. To start a car engine, one would need a 2000$ LI-ion battery

However these batteries have to be fitted somewhere, mine are on the back rack, I used 10AWG for connections I tapped at the motor power plug.
On the next revision, I may connect in the battery case before the BMS

I intend to move them to the front as the rear wheel is already overloaded.

LI-ion are light, very expensive, have low cranking power
Nicad are excellent, NIMH have about twice the long run power (to go far), but half the cranking power (to climb hills)
lead acid by far the best performance per $
Hi ! I am looking for a 36 volt G1 Rear Rack Battery or case with all the Electronics inside !
Because I picked up this Trek 21 Speed Street Bike with a Bionx kit and Rear Rack but no Battery or Charger
There must be some one out there that had a Bionx Bike 10 Years ago and is now sitting in Storage or Garage


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Anyone out there have a charger for a 350 HT RR L? I need a 36 volt charger. I bought this trike with the system installed, the trike looks like it was not hardly used.