Pedego Stretch (Cargo Bike)


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I'm highly considering buying the Pedego Stretch. My main question to anyone who may be able to speak to it is whether it would feel cramped for someone 6 ft tall. In the pictures, the seat looks a little close to the handle bars compared to all the other Pedego bikes which makes sense to keep the overall footprint smaller considering the cargo capabilities. Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
I am 5' 10" tall. The handle bars on my Stretch are not a problem for me since they are very nicely adjustable. I like that I can set them however I like each time I ride without tools. I've only had the bike for a week now, so I'm still getting used to it, and that flexibility helps a lot. The seat was a little too far forward for me, so I swapped out the original seat with one that had longer rails on it to allow me to slide it back a bit. My feet (with big hiking shoes) would hit the plastic wheel protectors a bit, so I just drilled a small hole and used a zip tie to hold them a little closer together and out of my way.
Thanks for your replies...after checking out the review on the Rad Wagon, I decided to go that direction because it was significantly more affordable yet highly rated here. The Stretch seems like a great bike though...enjoy it!