P and C options for Carrera Crossfire E with custom Controller - (SR Suntour Hub Motor)


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Good day. So finally managed to hook up custom controller to my Carrera Crossfire E bike. I can't seem to gert the P and C settings correct. It seems to work in certain level but I throttle too hard or too often it cuts out - like the BMS seem to cut out - have to re-seat the battery and it works - but with same issue when throttling too hard or too often. So seems like my P1 might be wrong - it's on 87 now - suggested by other forum but I can't find specs for this 250W SR Suntour HESC motor. Any one might have fiddled around Carrera bikes? Vengance seems to come with same motor and original controller - so suppose it's specs would be similar - I suppose most Carrera's come with same SR Suntour setup. P and C suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

this is my current setup:
P1 - 87, P2 - 6, P3 - 0 - P4 - 0, P5 - 15
C1 - 06, C2 - 0, C3 - 8, C4 - 0, C5 - 2, C6 - 3, C7 - 0, C8 - 1, C9 - 0, C10 - n, C11 - 0, C12 - 4, C13 - 0, C14 - 2