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I'm about to pull the trigger on either an Omega or the Aurora Ltd. (Am not considering the Atlas because it has a much higher standover height.) What are the advantages of the Omega over the Aurora that justify the higher price? The only ones I can see are (1) extra 10 nm of torque, (2) 7 lb lighter, (3) slightly higher battery ah. None of those factors matter to me. I like that the Aurora has a rear rack, which I definitely will need. (But the Aurora has a higher stepover height, which is significant to me.) You can buy a rack for the Omega, but for an eye-watering $150. Are there any quality after-market racks available that will fit the Omega? I'm excluding rear racks that attach to the seat post because I will likely have the seat height all the way down to its lowest position.
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That's a lot for $225, however, you're giving up a suspension front fork.
Smorgasboard, thanks for your reply. I don't mind giving up the suspension front fork because I won't be riding on gnarly trails. Due to the sale going on right now, I decided to order the Omega instead of the Aurora. Got another $300 off for an open box model with 13 mi on it (and full warranty). And got another $100 off with a coupon, so decided to go ahead and order the stock Omega rack. With the sale price and $400 in discounts, that got the total price down into a range I can afford. Can't wait for it to get here!
I'd vote for the Omega. We had 2 Aurora's and they were nice (w/ rear rack & suspension fork) but they are a bit harder to get your leg thru the frame and are somewhat heavier. The Omega has a better battery and charger and a cleaner/modern look. The optional rack is overpriced so I went with a 'universal' item. You'll also need an extension cable for the tail light if you choose to mount it at the back of the rack. Evelo has some great prices right now and the 'open box' models are even better!

Here's a couple Walmart links to a rack & cable

Knobbyguy, thanks for your response. I went ahead and ordered the open box Omega. Since I got the $100 coupon, also ordered the Evelo rack, although I agree with you that it is waaay overpriced.