Jugg Classic Duo vs Jugg Hub Duo small frame


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Need some advice from those very familiar with Biktrix Jugg models. (There aren't any dealers within 300 miles of where I live, so I can't test ride them.) Want a fatty that I can ride on a golf course with grassy hills, a few of which are steep. (Golf courses generally require ebike tires that are 3.5 - 4" wide; hence the requirement for a fatty.) Have narrowed my choices down to the Hub duo small frame (20" tires) and the Classic (24" tires). Am 5'5" with a 29" inseam. Weigh about 135 lbs, and will have a 30 lb bag and carrier on the back rack. Need an ebike with low minimum seat and stepover heights because I want to get the balls of my feet on the ground while on the saddle. Both these ebikes meet those requirements. Am an ebike newbie, but have lots of experience in non-motorized bikes with 24-27 gear combos. Need an ebike that is easy to get on and off frequently and to start on hills. I understand the differences between hub and mid drive bikes. Am leaning toward the Classic because it has more torque, and its min seat and stepover heights are actually lower than the Hub small. Having the motor in the middle of the bike is also a plus, because I will be putting 30 lb on the back rack. But the Classic has only a cadence sensor, vs the Hub's torque + cadence sensors. Have read that the Classic's cadence sensor can make the motor's response sort of herky-jerky, kinda like a start-stop switch. Am also wondering which bike will be easier to handle on steep sidehills. Any advice based on actual experience/knowledge of these two ebikes will be appreciated.