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OK! There are 3 pics taken today riding around Medellin. Today I rode a little over 42 km. Including a climb up the back road to my apartment which is so steep I watched a traffic jam unfold there a couple days ago when a car simply could not make it up the hill and had to back down a steep, narrow, and windy road for about 150 meters.
the steepest part of the climb today is over a 30% grade. You have to wonder how they paved it. Anyway, just shy of 60 km. Total and my battery is showing exactly 50 % charge remaining.
so 50% charge has given me 60 km of riding. Mostly on the flat, mostly in eco mode (20-30kph) unless I get on the arterials when I go to sport mode (30-45 kph). I used turbo only on the steep pitches, its a hell of a boost, but it‘s like watching the fuel gauge on an old dual-quad V-8 go down when the 2nd carb kicks in!